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Krazzee Ninjas.Com

A true to life gangsta who was killed in a gang related shooting on Feb. 14, 1989.He was buried in the Sedmont cemetery where he remained for 13 days until a so called Halloween prank left his grave empty of a corpse! A corpse that needed a home! Psychopathic Records is the kind of place that welcomes the dead and criminally insane! Seeing how Blaze is both, he quickly became our dead homie! Featured on the "Mostasteless - Re-Issue" in the trax "Whatthefuck?" and "Hound Dogs" which made him the sixth member of the "Psychopathic Riders - Dumpin" LP and also his debut, self titled album,"BLAZE YA DEAD HOMIE EP".Blaze intends to stay! Also, hes working on the production of his upcoming "One Less G in the hood" in fall 2001

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