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Dark Lotus

Dark Lotus started way back in 1999 with ICP and Twiztid. ICP and Twiztid being the original members!There first recording was echoside,put on the Icp's Amazing Jeckel Brothers album.Psychopathic Records eventually signed Blaze Ya Dead Homie to the label.After a while Twiztid and icp became good homies with Blaze,But Blazes album wasnt doing too good so the knocked him off.but later signed him again
not only did they sign him solo but to be a member of Dark Lotus.Icp put some Dark Lotus songs on bizzar and bizaar such as crystal ball.Icp somehow discovered a group by the name of Marz and i guess liked em so they signed em a part in Dark Lotus,BUT NOT TO PSYCHOPATHIC RECORDS!but recently violent(Joe Bruce)J of icp and Dark Lotus annouced that they will be kicking Marz out of Dark Lotus and will be discontinuing the new album and putting out a new one with Anybody Killa!

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