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Krazzee Ninjas.Com

Myzery was found by Jump Steady in New York,Myzery Gave gave Jump a Demo and I Guess Psychopathic Liked His Demo so they signed him he put out one album(the Para La Isla e.p.)And was also to put out a misery lp but that never came,myzery was part of the Psychopathic rydas for their first album(not Ryden Dirtay)and was also in the feature film "Big Money Hustlas" as "Green Willy"(the one who sells fake gold No Matter what Myzery was fresh.He and Da Minority Are going to put out a new e.p. that was available at the gathering and soon to be available on his site(check the Myzery links section).The E.p.Is called "4 Faces"!!!!!Pick it up from his site when they get it in!

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